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Wellington Accommodation Serviced Apartments in Kilbirnie, Wellington City

One of the artistic 'wind' sculptures on Wellington Road, Kilbirnie.

Kilbirnie is a great place to stay on your next trip to Wellington.  Located in between Wellington airport and Wellington city, Kilbirnie offers travellers an ideal spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close to major attractions such as Te Papa, Wellington Zoo, Kilbirnie Pools (WRAC), Kilbirnie Sports Centre (ICSC), Westpac Stadium, Kilbirnie Recreation Centre, and the Wellington CBD.

Guests can reach Kilbirnie from Wellington City Center either via the Mount Victoria Tunnel and Hataitai, over Mount Victoria, through Constable Street in Newtown, or around Oriental Bay through to Evans Bay.

Rongotai Apartments is offers Serviced Apartment Holiday Accommodation in the heart of Kilbirnie close to Kilbirnie shops, Kilbirnie restaurants & bars, The Kilbirnie Shopping Center, Supermarkets, Public Transport and Wellington Airport.

Wellington Kilbirnie Accommodation Review