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Wellington International Airport - Rongotai Apartments is a short drive or bus ride from Wellington airport, perfect for an overnight stay before an early morning flight.

Rongotai Apartments offers quality accommodation a few minutes from Wellington Airport perfect for overnight stays for groups, couples and families seeking premium Wellington airport accommodation at affordable prices. You are guaranteed a good night sleep before or after your flight with an easy check in no matter what time you arrive.

Wellington Airport is connected to Wellington City through Interstate 1 passing through Wellington Road and Mt Victoria Tunnel, or around Evans Bay and Oriental Bay.  After leaving the Airport getting to Rongotai Apartments is simple, simply head north, turn left at third roundabout towards Kilbirnie, this takes you onto Rongotai Road where you’ll find number 105 – Rongotai Apartments, directly opposite Pak n Save.

If you’re looking for accommodation close to Wellington Airport and Wellington City while lounging in the suroundings of the suburbs then you must stay at Rongotai Apartments on your next trip to Wellington!

Wellington Airport Quick Info

  • One of New Zealand’s 3 biggest airports
  • Handles approx 5 million passengers each year
  • Has approx 111,000 aircraft movements each year
  • The terminal closes every night for 2 1/2 hours from 1.30am – 4am

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