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Serviced Apartments offer an ideal setting for families, couples, seniors, and corporate travellers. Often a hotel or motel won’t be able to offer some of the unique aspects of serviced apartments that are making them a popular choice for short and long term accommodation.

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All facilities are contained within the apartment and you get a higher level of privacy from other guests or occupants. In most serviced apartments you won’t need to pass through hotel receptions and lobbies, which can be a bonus. Serviced apartments will have an array of furnishings and amenities.

2 – Kitchen Facilities

Serviced apartments will generally offer a full kitchen or kitchenette along with utensils and cutlery. Having a kitchen means that guests can eat in instead of out, therefore saving on huge restaurant bills.

3 – Extended stays

Booking for 30 nights at a hotel may be a costly exercise even with self-rated 2 star establishments. Normally serviced apartments can be rented for extended short-long term bookings where discounted rates are applicable. Having full kitchen, laundry facilities and other amenities ensures a long term stay is comfortable and pleasant even for groups and families sharing a single apartment.

4 – Corporate housing

Serviced apartments have in recent times become popular for regular or one-off corporate accommodation for seminars, work-group meetings, or short & long term accommodation.

5 – Location

Serviced apartments can often be located in city centres, or on the outskirts of the busy central city with easy access to the main business areas and local amenities. Serviced apartment complexes are often located close to other hotels & motels.

6 – Technology – Wi-Fi, Digital TV

Internet connectivity, wireless Internet, network cabling and digital TV are no strangers to serviced apartment accommodation. These technologies are frequently found in serviced apartments, often without the rigid rules that go with paid television and Internet usage at hotels & motels.

3 – Value for money

Compared to hotel and motel accommodation rates, serviced apartments are often value for the number of guests and facilities within the apartment.

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